Jay Carlson Photography

The trend in home decor is to personalize your space. Our portraits are a perfect compliment to this trend. We specialize in creating custom portraits featuring your family. We combine our love of art, a visionary style, and our passion for photography to ensure that your portrait will truly be a custom design.  The first step in having your portrait created is for us to schedule a portrait planning session. This session is at no charge and is very important to the process of creating a unique portrait that is a true reflection of your love and bond your family shares.


Portrait Planning Session

Our initial meeting of your portrait photography experience  begins with a complimentary portrait planning session. This is our opportunity to get to know you, learn more about your family, and your lifestyle. At this time we will plan every detail of your portrait session. We will discuss our different styles of photography and the appropriate wardrobe for your chosen style.  Together, we will plan the best way to decorate your home with your fine portrait.


Portrait Session

With the planning session now behind you, we will have a full understanding of your goals and needs for your portrait session. With this in mind, we will set about capturing portrait images that truly reflect your best personality and the love you share with your familiy.  We will take as much time as necessary to thoroughly make you look your best and capture your memorable moments.


Portrait Design Session

After our portrait session, we will meet again for your design session. In the comfort of your home you will see your ideas from the portrait session come alive.  We carefully edit and prepare the best images and guide you through our suggestions. To aid you in your selections, the images will be presented by our innovative projection system.  We are able to project your portrait originals in all the available sizes.

You will understand that they are not just images but works of fine art for you to cherish forever.


Collection Of Portraits

Once your order is placed, the portraits are hand crafted by us, custom printed and carefully framed. Your finished portraits will be ready to display within four to six weeks allowing you to share and cherish your definitive moments captured by Jay Carlson for years to come. At this time we will deliver and display your custom portraits in your home.