Jay Carlson Photography



Our vision at Jay Carlson Photography is to create family portraits that are an affirmation of the love and bond your family shares, and to create fine art photography because life is such a beautiful collection of memories.


We Can Stop The Clock. Memories Are Forever. 


Capturing wonderful family memories is my specialty.  For over two decades I have devoted my life to producing fine art portraiture, collections of our most valuable moments.  Most importantly, it is my desire to create for you a portrait which helps you to look your very best and brings out your best personality - forever illustrating your love for each other.


We want you to be THRILLED (not just satisfied) with your portrait.   Seriously, if you are not completely thrilled with your portrait, I will either create additional images for you at no charge, or I will cheerfully refund all your money.  I  am absolutely committed to creating the finest portrait.


I will meet with you personally BEFORE the portrait session to help you with every decision. At no additional charge, I will meet with you and chat before the session to help you choose your type of clothing and  style of hair and make-up.   We'll discuss the location and best time of day for your portrait.  Careful planning is one of the many differences which separates the works of Jay Carlson and Jay Carlson Photography.


Your portrait can be created ANYWHERE you like!  You can have your portraits created outdoors, in your home, or at the beach - wherever you like.  The location adds an additional personality to your portrait.


We limit our portrait sessions to maintain the highest level of service and quality.  I will take the time to create a perfect portrait for you and your family.  You will get my undivided attention. You’re trusting me with your family’s memories. I take that responsibility VERY seriously.


I personally review and enhance every image myself. At no extra charge, I will personally review and enhance your portraits, go over every inch of your portraits and give them another dimension of life. This additional step can take a good photograph and make it great.


I think you'll agree that you want your families memories captured by someone with the passion and excitement for their photography.  Jay Carlson has an eye for detail will go that extra step to capture your personality.   Photography is my passion.  It's what inspires and excites me.